Have your woes about chiropractors? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this department. Fortunately, this form of alternative medicine has proven itself for almost 150 years. Bringing benefits to those who choose to seek help, chiropractic care has a plethora of ‘urban legends’ surrounding it.

So let’s crack up some of these old time quacks about chiropractors and chiropractic care…

There's No Science Backing It

Scientific can be thought of and understood very differently depending on who you might ask…

Some describe it is as the persistent quest for knowledge, understanding, and proper function of many different pursuits. Considering the nervous system is the epicenter to everything that happens in your body, the art of chiropractic care directly addresses this. By re-aligning the nerves along your spine, it allows your body and brain to function at higher capacities.

The list of what chiropractic care can help with would astonish you! So call your chiropractor today and get to feeling better!

Adjustments Can Cause a Stroke

A huge misconception, the fact that an adjustment can cause a stroke is not fact at all…

The most concerning adjustment would be of the neck, however, there is no scientific evidence or correlation between this particular adjustment and stroke. The events of malpractice are non-existent compared to that of primary physicians- whether it’s at the diagnosis or treatment levels (medications).

So rest assured, chiropractic care, is entirely safe!

Nothing Hurts, I Don't Need to Go

It’s always better to prevent an injury than it is to treat it. So feeling ‘good’ doesn’t mean all will be good. Small issues that you may not realize can result in much greater, longer-lasting ailments…

Just like maintenance on other things you might own, your body needs it too! So keep yourself in tip-top shape and functioning however you want it to function. Whether it’s on the trail or to pick up your grand kids, keep your mobility and keep being you.

Chiropractors Aren't Doctors

The media plays a very influential role in our society and is probably why you may believe some things to be true.

Many of us have a predisposed image of a doctor with a stethoscope and white coat, but thats not entirely true either. There are many types of doctors and all retain the same values for health and quality of life for the patients.

Here’s where they differ, it’s in the title… A medical doctor is MD while a chiropractor goes by DC.. Each have attained a degree from an accredited medical school or chiropractic college as well as received a licensed to practice.

Chiropractic Care is Not for Children

Another myth, Chiropractic care is great for children.

Most ‘fits’ or ‘tantrums’ are deemed as a part of growing up, but do they have to be? Kids are like bumper cars, crashing into everything in hopes to figure out this new world they live in. So whether at birth or a bump along the road, chiropractic care has been proven to help with such things like colic, inconsistent sleep, colic, and more!

So let the gentle hands of a chiropractor take care of your little one. Don’t worry the proper amount of force based on the patient will be applied.

My Primary Physician Wouldn't Approve

Skepticism is usually a result of lack of knowledge.

Many primary physicians aren’t aware of the facts of chiropractic care or are seemingly afraid of ‘lost business’. In fact, it wasn’t until the latest 80’s that the American Medical Association were prosecuted for illegally boycotting the treatment type… Thankfully in the age of information, more and more medical doctors are acknowledging, accepting, and referring patients to chiropractors for certain ailments! Let’s keep the trend going…

Fortunately, these notions about chiropractic care are entirely false. As shown through the history of success and growth of the field, chiropractic care is now for everyone. From infancy to old age, seeing the chiropractor will keep your body aligned and functioning in proper rhythm without the invasiveness of modern medicine…

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