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Benefits of Prenatal Care

Our practice specializes in women’s healthcare, both pregnant and postpartum women. During each of these magical times there are unique reasons to seek better balance in our bodies. There is no better way than to achieve this balance than through chiropractic and cranial therapy.


Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help minimize the typical discomforts associated with this time of transformation as well as facilitating an optimal labor and delivery. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe, natural, gentle and effective.

Normal, physiological changes of pregnancy contribute to spinal stress in the mother-to-be. Hormonal changes lead to increased ligamentous laxity and increased joint mobility in some areas and increased spinal restrictions in others. This can make the pregnant woman’s spine more unstable and prone to discomfort and injury. There are also important biological changes that occur during pregnancy, including weight gain, increased breast size, change in the center of gravity, increased lumbar curve and an increased load on the spine.


After having been endlessly encouraged to care for herself, being dotted on and given special treatment during pregnancy, the mother is often nearly forgotten once the baby is born. This is a time when the woman needs more attention than ever. She continues to have ligamentous laxity, and now adds to it the numerous sustained, awkward postures of motherhood. Breastfeeding for hours a day, carrying or wearing the baby, leaning over to change diapers, bending down to pick up toys, lifting a heavy diaper bag, doing all the extra laundry-the list of postural stresses on mom’s body is endless. And add to it an older child to care for. All of this is handled by a person who is most likely getting less sleep, living on less income and getting less time for self care than ever before. Now take into consideration the massive hormonal fluctuation and propensity for mild to severe postpartum depression. It can be a recipe for disaster.

We encourage mothers to come in for care as soon as they are able after birth. They are welcome to bring their babies and older children along to their appointments in our office. We are happy to work with the mama on the table as the kids play at our feet, or sometimes ‘help’ us care for her. Restoring balance to a mamas body, helping her heal from pregnancy and birth, and allowing her to handle the many stresses of parenthood are among the most important things we do. When mama feels better, she can better care for her baby and children, and be more present during that magical babymoon time with her newborn.


Parenting continues to challenge our bodies and minds in ways we never thought possible. I hope to support the family not only through natural healthcare, but also by providing resources and support for the challenges of parenting.

  • I have been seeing Dr Brandi since I fractured my back, several years ago now. I continue to see her so I can continue my active lifestyle. At 40, I snowboard about 60 days a year, hike, do lots of yoga, and love living pain free. The font desk staff is always a delight to see. I highly recommend these guys!

    Anne J.

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