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Benefits of Pediatric Care

Our practice specializes in women’s healthcare, the care of infants, children, pregnant and postpartum women. During each of these magical times there are unique reasons to seek better balance in our bodies. There is no better way than to achieve this balance than through chiropractic and cranial therapy.


Birth is one of the most traumatic processes our bodies ever go through. First the infants body is jammed in basically one position in the uterus for the last few months of gestation, a condition referred to as intrauterine constraint. This can create massive imbalance and restriction in the body. Then the body must endure the extreme forces of birth. Whether the birth involves passing through the birth canal or being pulled from an incision of the uterus, there is an incredible amount of force placed on the spine and cranium. If interventions such as forceps or suction are to be used, the stress to the baby’s body increases. Intrauterine constraint and birth trauma (which can happen even during a so called normal or routine birth) are a major cause of spinal and cranial restrictions.


Once the baby successfully deals with the stress of making the transition to the outside world, they begin to learn to control and maneuver their bodies in increasingly complex ways. Mastering the skill of rolling, sitting , crawling, standing and walking involves a great deal of falling and countless bonks to the head, body and bottom. These numerous and relatively minor traumas add further stress to the spine and cranium. Additionally, this is time of incredible growth. The spine grows 50% in length the first year. Never again in a persons life will they grow that rapidly. Never mind that 65% of the total lifetime growth of the brain happens in the first year alone! To ensure all of this growing is done on a balanced and stable foundation it is vital to have regular chiropractic care by a chiropractor who understands the unique needs of infants.

From toddlers to adolescents, children continue to push their bodies to the limit. Running, jumping, climbing trees, carrying heavy backpacks, competing in sports or just playing around, all can contributed to aggravating the developing spine. Periodic chiropractic check-ups can minimize the effects of these insults to the system and prevent injuries from building up to the point where they create chronic symptoms later in life.

  • Excellent doctors and staff, with excellent results and follow up. The doctors are so knowledgable, they've helped my husband, my babies and me to live healthier and smarter for years and for years to come.

    Jill M.

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