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Keeping your body aligned goes a long way for quality of life. That’s why when you’re in High Desert’s hands you are sure to leave feeling much better than when you came in with our 3 step approach to healing listed below:


During examination or consultation, our doctors will get to the root of your problem. Think about what is ailing you, how often it is occuring, when / where it is occurs, and what may make it better or worse.


After examination comes diagnosis. Figuring out your pain and the cause of said pain is vital for treatment and your long lasting health / recovery. During this step, our doctors will use a variety of methods to determine what is causing the pain and how to fix it.


Our team of chiropractors rely on a variety of treatment options depending on a patients specific needs or possible injury. These treatments may include (but are not limited to) static and motion tests to determine if certain spine segments have locked or restricted their range of motion. Depending on the results of the above treatment, our team may use additional treatment strategies to help get you to healthy:

  • X-ray ( x-rays assist in locating subluxations in the vertebra)
  • A Skin temperature Device used to identify spinal segments with a large temperature discrepancy to determine treatment.
  • My daughter (3months) has been seeing brandy for 5 weeks now after having her posterior tongue tie released. She needed a lot of work releasing muscle Tightness and a few other things. Brandy is incredible. She is so knowledgeable and so kind. She answers all my questions and makes me feel super comfortable. She gives me the tools I need to help my daughter improve in between visits. Their office staff are equally as awesome. On our first visit to the office, while checking out, my baby started crying. I was trying to checkout and keep her quiet which was stressing me out and the wonderful lady at the front desk looked at me and said, "we are all moms here, it is okay if she cries". I am really thankful to have found this wonderful chiropractic office in central Oregon!

    Jenna G. Bend, OR

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